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Company ,,arena lux’’ was founded in 2014, by the experienced managers in the construction and development business. Its goal is to offer customers construction products of the latest standards and to satisfy all the requirements and desires of our citizens for the purchase of real estate. Development company ,,Arena-lux’’ offers in the city center, on vake-saburtalo area (in the beginning of university street) High-class multi-functional complex, for the most reasonable price and flexible payment terms. 14-storey complex includes different types (Including the penthouse) of Residential and commercial areas, 2-level underground parking. Customer can choose construction materials and designs, Order the desired type of repair, which will be fulfilled by developer in the shortest time. Company has very serious and long-term plans. the future project is to build mini-city: Residential complexes, kinder - garden, children's entertainment center, school, university, trading center, modern sports and health center, swimming pools, which will give chance its residents to live peacefully, save the time, avoid traffic jams and discomfort, which are caused by movement in the city.


Our main values:

  • Experience and quality, The steadiness  of the building, Invested resources, short and 
    precise terms of construction, Environmentally safe and healthy materials.
  • All these are  necessary prerequisite,  for the success and solid reputation of the company.
  • An experienced management team and their hard work  is the  guarantee for above mentioned priorities.
Company Preferences
  • High level of construction quality;
  • Modern architecture ;
  • Exact and the shortest terms of Completion;
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Action for buyers:

Each customer of ,,arena lux’’ will get voucher as a gift for one year unlimited service in sport complex ,,arena’’ 1. In case of one room apartment purchase –for one person. 2. In case of two room apartment purchase-for two person and so on. After the expiration of one year of service, each resident can make use of constant 20 % discount.

14 Floor 13 Floor 12 Floor 11 Floor 10 Floor 9 Floor 8 Floor 7 Floor 6 Floor 5 Floor 4 Floor 3 Floor 2 Floor 1 Floor კომერციული ფართი ავტოსადგომი
02.05.2015 ავტო სადგომი
02.05.2015 საოფისე ფართები
02.05.2015 კომერციული ფართები
05.03.2015 “Arena lux” presentation evening

On 5 March, 2015, at 8 pm, sports complex “Arena “and newly established development company “Arena lux” held presentation evening. The presentation was held in conference hall of “Arena” . “Arena lux” has already started Multi-residential building construction at the address: #2 University Street, close to the sports complex. The management of this construction is carried out by “Arena Lux” while the construction is performed by German Company with great experience “ European Primeclass Construction” . Arena lux construction meets the newest standards using Cobiax building production that has not got analogue in Georgia. It means the lessening of concrete weight through balloons in the areas where there is no constructional load. This results in more space between columns, enables the use of more area, simple installation-stable, safe and economical. It is developed according to specific standards of the country, is adapted to any kind of construction, and has an earthquake resistance rate due to the decrease in net mass. The same standards have Columbia University and Shopping Centre of the USA, National stadium in Poland. The similar standards will be used in Switzerland, Singapore, Angola, Turkey, Italy and we are proud that Georgia will be among them and especially Arena Lux. Music design was provided by DJ Ujin Ray (Buddha Bar resident). Well-known barman Giga Kasradze prepared cocktails (Mohito, Sangria) and black absinth by his own recipe. Event partners: advertising company “ City Print Ltd”, information portal „”, internet marketing company “icao” Company “Unicard” , confectionery “azzato” “Teno” (Textile supply for hotels)

02.03.2015 The company “European Primeclass Construction” joined our construction.

The company “European Primeclass Construction” joined our construction. What is cobiax? The aim of cobiax is to reduce the unnecessary, net weight of concrete tile. It is gained by the placement of plastic spheres between upper and lower layers of armature in tile that diminishes the amount of concrete in areas where it has not got any load in terms of construction. Effect: net weight diminution up to 35% as compared with standard concrete tile of the same volume. Consequently: net weight diminution up to 35% -diminution of dimensions of foundation and amount of vertical elements. For the flexible design: up to 45%. At the expense of the amount of diminished columns architectural planning is much more simplified. Besides, the function of the building could be changed towards vertical and horizontal directions. More space between columns up to 50%. Increased distance as compared with a building built by standard method. Direct and indirect cost-saving. Advantages of Cobiax technology: effective and light, Up to 35% decrease in net weight and tile thickness, up to 45% less columns, increased distance between columns up to 25 m, significant saving of building materials, optimization of foundation and complete supporting structure . Easy installation. Possibility to use more space. Universal and safe, planning according to specific standards of the country. Adjustable for any kind of building. High earthquake resistance rate due to the decrease in net weight. Stable –made of 100% recycled materials. Decrease in eco-toxic wastes up to 20%. Energy savings up to 20%. Cobiax around the world: Columbia University and Shopping Center, New York, the USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Angola, Italy, Poland, National stadium-Poland.

03.02.2015 Multifunction Complex
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